Style: Cute and cuddly

Danielle Belegris

Young Giraffe

Dino Boy

Best Friends

Sunsmart Decorative Frame

Alyssa Bermudez

Tasmanian Thylacine

We shall meet in the place whe...

Lucie Billingsley

Now it's raining inside t...

Chickpea's Feathers

The Teacher Reads from a Big B...


Christina Booth

Mrs Bea Knew He Was Special


Fiona Burrows


Adam Celeban

Chadwick's Challenge

Trevor the Meerkat

Regine Clarke


Moving Day

Graeme Laurence Compton

Hannah Hugs Howie

Janine Dawson

What a laugh!

Andrea Edmonds

Juggling act

Elephant slide

Picnic at the park

Welcome to the Zoo

Belinda Elliott

Jack Moppit

Don Ezard

Max and his new friend

Amanda Francey

Oh no! A playful penguin!

When all of a sudden

Waiting for Raffi

Bedtime for Raffi

Hibernating with Bears



Marjory Gardner

Zelda in a hurry!

Christmas card

Promotional postcard

The thirsty spotted dinosaur

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Rachel Gregg

Tele Buddies

Plum Sleeps

Plum Digs

Newer Breed Chart

Simone Hale


Camping friends

The Sweetest Bookworm

Mince pies for Santa

I Love You More Than Cheese

Cloud Nine

Maxine Hamilton

Little Miss Fox

Scooting Raffy

Little Bug

Hiking Panda

Frenchy Mouse

Pascal the Pidgeon

Mouse house

Sunshine Herbert

Marshmallow Friends


Ralph The Pug

Ann James

Bear and Bird

Nicky Johnston

Honey Brew Tea

The Orange Crayon

Classroom Visitors

Sleeping Over


Fixing Dad

Laughing Together

Kerry Anne Anne Jordinson

Learning To Fly - Aussie Anima...

Walk, Squawk and Talk

Zoo Baby

Narelda Joy

Carmella the Chimp

Noelene Joanne Kizis

Australian Native Animal Stack

The Magical Bookshop

The Green Tailed Mermaid

THe Young Giraffe

The Balloon Trip

Sea lion and pup

Sadami Konchi

A sad boy on a bed

Sarah Lin

Island Hopping

Yvonne Low

Mermaid's treasure


Helene Magisson

The Night Before Christmas

The Velveteen Rabbit

Shane McGowan

Teds Tall Tale


Zeldas Big Adventure

Zelda's Big Adventure

Emma Middleton

Ruby with her Bunny

Clover and Angus

Clover and Mum

Ron Monnier

Perfect Space

Perfect Space

Bendy Chicken counts to 20

Kate Moon

Sweet Little Zombie

The Little Sky Pirate

Foxes in Love

Sylvia Morris

hide and seek

eating and sleeping

Rhiannon Mowat

Counting Stars


Mister Raccoon

Sweet dreams

Dale Newman

Bear and Fox

Mel Pearce

Big sis little bro

the flag man and barnabas, his...

Puffycat/cat for KA

Jessica Peascod

The Meeting

Daylit Koala

Moonlit Koala

Magpies in the Moonlight

The Imagineer


Tender Loving Care (TLC)

Wish Upon a Star

Emma Quay

Up the stairs to bed

All along the floorboards

Rudie Nudie on the rug

Scarlett shone. Like a star.

I could nibble on your nose

Jess Racklyeft

Tree Dreams

Woodlands Creatures

Woodlands Bear

Birds and balloons

Milestone cards

Leah Russack

Cloud Watching


Dancing with Monster

Frog Escape


Frog Stack

Octo Friends

Unlikely Friends - Lost

Katie Stewart

The Butterfly

The Disguise


Lisa Stewart





Laura Stitzel

A Little Nonsense




A Day in the Park

Aren't I Clever

Bed time

I love Avant Card

Adele K Thomas

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Meredith Rona Thomas

'The Ugly Duckling'

Renee Treml

Little Fawn

Six Little Fruit Bats

Five Little Dingos

Annetta Tsang

Head Over Heels

"Dentists are Scary....

Once Upon A Time

Poppy and Chirpy - Fun with Fl...

TaTa Tooth Bunny Working at Ho...

Judy Watson

I don't have any buttons

Annie White

He even sleeps like a bear

The chooks were rather grumpy.


Mummies are for fixing things...

Ben Wood

Possums Reading

The Wattle Tree

Kim Woolley

At the beach

Penny to the resuce

Playful lambs


The old pram