Media/Technique: Pen and ink

David Allan

Pixie Baby


Hikoichi and a Tengu

Bear in the Woods

Mikhail Strogoff Riding

Hikoichi in the Mountains


Old Dragon

Danielle Belegris

Pho is Phantastic

Sandra Lynn Berg

Pre-dinner Ablutions

The Pied Piper

A Word in Your Ear

Fantastic Fred

Fantastic Fred

Christina Booth

Where to Start: The Dangerous...

Matthew Broughton

Vintage Radio

Bike against fence

Melbourne Laneway

VW Beetle

Fiona Burrows

Io's Imaginary World

Moreton Bay Roots



Looking Into the Past

Midnight Dreaming

James Robert Cattell

Melbourne City Circle tram

Albuman's Quest

The Approach of Albuminoid

Fred Hits the Hairdresser

Regine Clarke

Living in a Terrarium

Forest of Thought


The Procrastinator

Moving Day

Fairytale Bookends

Graeme Laurence Compton

Vulture Bite!

Hannah Hugs Howie

Howie Scarpers

River Boat



Janine Dawson

Tina says goodbye to Stamp and...

The Wee Wicked Witch Cover

Maybe this time he'll sta...


What a laugh!

Saying Goodbye to Grandma


Fat Molly was going home.

Vaughan Duck

The Attack on Fort Sunshine


The Ant Explorer

Just in time for the evening p...

Belinda Elliott

The old artist

Sebastian Fowler



The Unknown



Simone Hale

The Sweetest Bookworm


James Hart

Sebastian Hawks

Sally Heinrich

Ephemerant - night

The Long Haired Girl

Nicky Johnston

Feeding the Ducks

Gwynneth Jones

The Leopard and the Ballerina

The Ballerina and The Bee

Girl at Sea

Snakes and Ladders

The Vege Garden

Fence Sitter

Margaret River region composit...

Learning To Fly - Aussie Anima...

Go! Girls Go!

Walk, Squawk and Talk

Noelene Joanne Kizis

Sea lion and pup

Time and Tales of the Sea

Australian Native Animal Stack

The Magical Bookshop

The Green Tailed Mermaid

THe Young Giraffe

Storm in a Bottle

The Balloon Trip

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Portrait of my husband shaving...

Blue woman.

Monster washing

Hilary faces the mountain.

Sadami Konchi

Moon pp 18,19

Allison Langton

Bellflower pattern repeat

Spider Lee

The Inkling

Lazy Baker

Walkwoman Hears a Sonic Boom S...


"I'm a SPORK"

Sarah Lin

Alter Dimension

Herb Collector

Bear Moose

The kite made of flames

Kirrili Lonergan

Bobbing Balloons

Blow ...

Tea Party


Loppy Falling

The Dive


Sacred Kingfisher of Australia...


Northern QLD Spotted Quoll

Ghost Stories

Dragons Den

Australian Brush-turkey

Yvonne Low


Gerard Maille

Cartoon for technical magazine

Cover of publication


Felicity Marshall

Would you like to share?

Brady Michaels

Constitution Dock

Cat and Fiddle Arcade

Theatre Royal

Museum of Old and New Art (MON...

The Lily Pond

McCann Bros

Self portrait

Bruce Mutard

Vung Tau 1971

Elizabeth Street, 1942

Simon O'Carrigan

San Francisco



The Imagineer


Magical Moon

Tender Loving Care (TLC)


Wish Upon a Star

Yellow Submarine

Alison Jane Rice

Tarty McBarty's bagpipes

Arty Barty's Magic Paint...

Arty Barty's Magic Paint...

Echidna Tale

Dan Kyp Saunders

frog study mixed media

Annmarie Scott

Angelica's Finale.

Walk the plank.

Nik Scott

Shark Aaargh!

Who cares about the parade

Narnia Faun Dude

Anne Spudvilas

I was taken away on a crowded...

Chantal Stewart

Rock-and-Roll Ducks!

Tilly's Treasure

Laura Stitzel

A Little Nonsense




A Day in the Park

Aren't I Clever

Bed time

I love Avant Card

Renee Treml

Six Little Fruit Bats

Five Little Dingos

Ollie & Bea

Sherlock Bones

Annetta Tsang

TaTa Tooth Bunny Working at Ho...

Head Over Heels

Day Dreaming about Bubbles

Love from the Heart

Be Differently Different

"Dentists are Scary....

Fiona Tsang

His Nibs, Prince of Stories

Coral Tulloch

2017 Colour in calendar

Endpaper One Small Island

Characters of the Deep


Mitch Vane

Little Lunch by Danny Katz

The Patch by Christina Chen-He...

Judy Watson

I don't have any buttons

title page image

Ernie and Maud's quarrel

Annie White

Mummies are for fixing things...

Kim Woolley

Two blue tulips